Morocco: Something Different

Morocco is sure to stand out from every other country on this trip, simply because it is fundamentally different from the western culture that under pines all the european countries I have visited thus far. The difference was particularly striking because, unlike the other guys who saw eastern Europe, I had seen nothing but well developed nations. Though the western influence on Morocco is undeniable, the foundation of its culture is fundamentally different. Instead of Europe’s Christian (Though buried deeply) roots, Morocco’s culture is Muslim. Instead of secular, Morocco’s society is deeply religious. Instead of democratic, Morocco’s government is a monarchy. Instead of a large middle class and smaller upper and lower classes, Morocco has a very large lower class with smaller middle and very small upper classes.

It was interesting that the strong religious emphasis resulted in very few beggars. People either survived from the giving of alms or did any small job they could find to make a few Dirham. People tended to be more honest and trustworthy. The Muslim influence pervaded all areas of life from the call to prayer to women walking the streets with their faces covered. I was struck by how well Satan manufactured the lie of Islam. It is so close to the truth in so many ways. It teaches doing what is right and just and caring for the less fortunate and being hospitable and kind to everyone, including strangers. I personally met several exceptionally friendly and caring Muslims who I knew I would enjoy having as friends. But Islam also emphasizes a blind dedication to the faith. When this dogmatism is mixed with a doctrine that has just enough truth to be recognized by the seeking human soul, the bondage of sin becomes almost unbreakable.

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