A Quick Update

Hello everyone,
Just to let you know, we’ll be posting soon! We’re in Istanbul, Turkey at the moment getting ready for a push North to Riga, Latvia. It’s been a busy few weeks. Check back soon!

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  1. Ray Miller says:

    I, and many others, are anxiously awaiting the promised update. We know that you’ve had some rough ways to go, and be assured there were many prayers lifted on you guys’ behalf.

    If, and when, you get to Sankt Peterburg, I would be very interested in your thoughts on the sights and displays at “The Hermitage” and how it compares to the other “State Museums” you’ve seen on this trip. The layout, directions (easy to follow), tourist friendly and so on. You are going to go see it, Right?
    Take the Risks, Grab the Future.

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