On Our Way

Well.. we’re finally on our way… Daniel, Dan and David are leaving Chicago O’Hare Airport (ORD) at 6:50 PM CST Monday, 27 April, 2009. Matt will be joining us in just four days.
From the inception of the idea 3 years ago to the past few months of intense planning, I never doubted that this amazing journey would actually happen, but I really was wondering what form it was going to take. The final form is:
4 Guys – Daniel Shenk, Daniel Ziegler, David Miller and Matt Wolfer
4 Months – approximately May through August
A Car – A right-hand drive 1998 VW Passat Estate TDi Diesel
Now we’re on our way and couldn’t be more excited, but maybe a tad apprehensive. We have a pile of luggage with everything we could imagine we would need, but more important, we’re all ready to be flexible and take what may come. After all, this can hardly be anything but an adventure!

Daniel Z

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3 Responses to “On Our Way”

  1. Ray Miller says:

    Pics. We want Pics. Take a shot of everything and sort it out later.
    The car: maybe you can trade it for a left-hand drive, over on the continent, for someone who wants to go over to the UK.

  2. Richard T. Purchase says:

    Ah! The adventures of life in a tent and a VW. Your riddle for the day:

    Do you know why the Siamese Twins moved to London?

    Ans. So the other one could learn to drive!

    P.S. Don’t kiss any pigs! Mennonite compassion could get you the flu.

  3. RuthAnn says:

    luv the “3D” 4mat!


    Take Care,

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