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In The Beginning… [part one]

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

Daniel Ziegler | June 17, 2007

Like so many other great ideas, this one was conceived in the minds of several college-aged guys sitting around their dorm late at night talking when they ought to have been studying. Someone threw out the idea of hitchhiking around Europe some summer. The others greeted this idea with a burst of enthusiasm and interest but raised the objection that hitchhiking meant that the journey’s timetable would be governed by the generosity of the Europeans and their timetable; so it was proposed that the travelers should purchase a Land Rover for the journey. This would free them to travel wherever their whims took them.

As the night stretched on and homework languished on the student’s desks, thoughts turned to other possible destinations leading to the decision that a trip through Europe would simply not be sufficient to slake these young men’s desire for exploration and adventure. Someone soon advanced the idea of starting in Europe then driving East through Asia, in order to give access to more of the world. “Well,” the students thought, “if we’re in Asia then how hard could it be to just bip across the Bering Strait to Alaska?” Well, none of us knew how hard it could be, but, being young and impetuous, we decided that we would never let a little thing like 53 miles of arctic water dampen our spirits or get in our way. This could only add to the adventures and make the trip even more interesting.

Daniel (Z) was especially taken with the idea and began to research it on the internet–a most reliable source of information. He discovered, in over a year of study, that the Bering Strait is crossable, that Europe is a hodgepodge of unique experiences, and that Asia is home to hundreds of alluring cultures. He was taken with the idea of traveling to these places and began discussing the idea of a Round-the-World trip with as many people as would listen. Several were interested, but the idea was so quixotic that not too many took it seriously or, if they did, they dismissed it as soon as their reason got a hold of them. Daniel, however, didn’t allow his reason to dissuade him from his dream but only managed to convince Matt (S) to join him.

Next time… reviving the idea and recruiting a few more travelers.